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About Us – Mega Coaching

About Us

We provide superior online instructor-led education facilities to students for ensuring that they become lifelong learners and acquire careers of their choice. We have integrated modern technology into this platform and planned courses for students that will help them to accomplish their professional goals by availing of quality education. Our main aim is to provide overall development and educational and professional training to kids, undergraduates, graduates, and working executives in different fields. Our qualified and experienced tutors are committed to assist you with learning requirements and pay attention to the individual student in their studies.

What do we do?

Learning To All Board Students

Teachers at this platform provide online learning to students of all educational boards including State Boards, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), SSC (Secondary School Certificate), CIE (Cambridge International Examinations), and many more. Our main purpose is to make educational facilities available for all the students residing in remote areas and lay a strong foundation for online learning.

Subjects Offered Under Different Majors

Tutors at Mega Tuitions and Coaching Center offer learning that covers almost all the subjects including mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, physics, social sciences, history etc. Along with this, teachers also provide training and coaching to graduates associated with different majors such as Bachelors in Technology, Bachelors in Commerce, Bachelors in Administration, Bachelors of Business Administration and many more.

Target Exams

Our educational facilities are not restricted to graduates and undergraduates. However, instructors at this website provide coaching classes for target or competitive exams also which include IIT JEE, NEET, UPSE Civil Services Entrance Exams (IAS), GATE, CAT NDA and many others. Tutors at Mega Tuitions and Coaching Center provide exam tips and tricks to boost concentration, prepare and clear target exams.

Self-Paced Learning with Flexible Schedule

By availing of coaching classes at Mega Tuitions and Coaching website you will get self-paced learning at flexible times. Our instructors provide study material/notes to students and conduct live sessions so that they can attend classes without stepping out of their homes. Attendance is also marked by instructors for online classes and progress reports are generated. Parents who want to keep track of their child’s performance can also create a new account at the Mega Tuitions and Coaching website and view their attendance and marks.